Copyright Info

In order to preempt the mass emails and such that I’m expecting as soon as I get any kind of reader base… I will now post this as a future FAQ.

Please, don’t ASK me to use my art or writing. Just use it.


There are a couple of pictures, like band logos, and movie screen shots that are NOT MINE. They will be pretty obvious, and most likely labeled. Whenever I use a picture for a blog post that isn’t mine, I do try to use pics with a CC license, or at least come from a place that allows free use of the picture (ie: wikipedia) and I usually link to the place I got it from. And I’m sure that my use of these images is considered ‘FAIR USE’ by many… people don’t always agree. BUT, you never know. So far no one has asked me to remove anything from this blog…  BEWARE.

That said… All other artwork and writing on this blog has a Creative Commons license that allows anyone the right to re-distribute, re-mix, and basically plagiarize me for your own benefit. This is on purpose. At the bottom of each page is this cool copyright notice:

robot copy-meat

go ahead and scroll down, its there… i’ll wait.

See it? OK, lets move on. What this license says is this:

You MAY: COPY, DISTRIBUTE, RE-MIX (ADAPT), and promote all material on this site. This also includes the Artwork available on my other photo upload sites: Picasa Web albums MAS ART, EMPTY LIGHTER, and EMPTYLIGHTER02; and my FLICKR Photostream. They all have a similar license on them, info is on the respective sites.

All that I ask is that you Share, and Attribute.

1) Share. This means SHARE goddammit. Like we all learned in kindergarten. Allow other access to it, preferably under the same CC 3.0 license if necessary, or even better a PUBLIC DOMAIN license (once perfected… don’t get me started on how screwed up copyright law is, i’m doing the best I can)

2) Attribute. I would love it, if you use my stuff, just let people know where it came from. A link back to this site, or something… even just a little note under it saying “Se7ensamurai made this”. Would mean a lot to me. Don’t worry though, if you forget, or decide that you adapted my work in a way that supersedes the licenses, i’m not going to care that much. Seriously. I’d much rather you contributed to art and society than kept your creative juices bottled up for fear of a take-down notice or lawsuit. I’m not like that. I won’t rain wholey hell down on you if you don’t really feel like attributing. But it would really help my view of humanity if you did.

OK, we all good now? Again, you don’t have to ask to use my content in any way that you like. Just do it. thanks!!

Now, like the Marketing Department of The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation is fond of saying: “Share and Enjoy!”

(Thanks also to Nina Paley for her awesome post on the same subject last week. – Cross Posted Here At Techdirt)


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