2 comments on “Ubuntu Touch…

  1. Speaking of android, you site wouldn’t let me post from my droidx. Had to turn off”mobile” mode.
    I’ve been running ubuntu 10.10 netbook for a few weeks, and I really like the new interface. Even my coworkers who are hardcore ms fans had to admit that it looks pretty nice.
    That said, I think I would prefer an android tablet over ubuntu. Android was designed with touch in mind, so some things are just a little better integrated. Like the onscreen keyboard. The few times I’ve tried installing one on ubuntu, it felt clunky, and would hover over my window, covering up what I was trying to type. Android’s keyboard slides up from the bottom and moves your screen up, making it easy to type and see what you are doing.
    I’ve been looking at some import chinese tablets. They are like $50. But then you have to pay shipping from china, plus customs. They end up being like $150. Still a ton cheaper than an ipad.

    • /agreed. I just read a weird thing last night about the new desktop that’s in UNE now and will be on the desktop version coming next spring. Aparantly Ubuntu won’t be using Gnome as the standard interface and switching to Unity.

      Either way, give Canonical a couple years and Unity will kick some arse, as long as they put a competant and dedicated ‘touch team’ on the case.

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